StickyFingersApparel is a collaboration between Lifetime and Calm, a character artist and a stencil artist, from Melbourne.

Like so many others, they contribute to Melbourne’s ever changing streets. And like so many artists they don’t have the time or the money to fully pursue their creative goals.


So StickyFingersApparel was created. We contact artists and get their work on to t-shirts. We do the printing and set up the store and the artists can focus on art!

The artist gets a bigger cut of the profit without having to win a competition or a popularity contest. So when you purchase a tee you are directly supporting the artist. The use of their image isn’t based on a flat fee so every item sold puts money in their pocket.

The aim is to take the art from the street and, well, get it back out on the street on t-shirts. It makes it possible to support a favourite emerging artist while rocking a sweet tee!

Like the art on the street we are always changing too. Regularly looking for ways to better produce the shirts to get a better return for the artists. And looking for more stores to get their art out there. So get in touch if you would like to get involved.

But, more importantly, we are always looking for fresh art and fantastic artists!

So let us know your favourite pieces!

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